Searching for the Perfect Generac Generator at Home Depot

Finding the right generator for your needs can feel overwhelming with so many options on the market today. As someone who recently went through the process of selecting, purchasing and installing a home backup generator, I want to share my experiences in hopes it will help simplify your search. I ultimately chose a Generac standby generator from Home Depot, which has proven to be an excellent investment to keep my home powered during outages. If you’re considering Generac generators prices at Home Depot, here’s what you need to know:

Affordable and Reliable Generac Generators

The main reason I opted for a Generac generator was the brand’s reputation for reliability at an affordable price point compared to competitors. When researching, I found the price range for Generac generators at Home Depot starts around $1,000 for smaller portable units and goes up to $5,000 or more for large, permanently installed home standby systems.

In between are inverter generators, RV generators, and mid-range portable options. What attracted me was getting proven Generac quality without paying premium prices. The prices may be higher than generic brands, but from experience, you get what you pay for when it comes to generators. I’ve had bad luck with cheaper models in the past failing after just a few uses.

Finding the Right Size Generac Generator

Home Depot carries the full range of Generac generators, from small portable inverter models to their massive 22kW standby units. Determine what you want to power during an outage before visiting Home Depot so a salesperson can guide you toward the appropriate size and type of Generac generator.

If you only need to keep the fridge, lights and electronics running, a 3,000 to 5,000 watt portable generator in the $1,000 range should suffice. Running central air, a home well pump or other large appliances would require a permanent whole house standby generator between 7kW and 22kW for most homes.

I made the mistake of underestimating my needs and had to exchange the portable I originally purchased for a larger Generac Guardian standby unit. Learn from my mistake and overestimate your wattage requirements to allow for future expansion.

Choosing Between Portable and Standby Generac Generators

The main decision is whether a portable or standby generator best suits your needs. Portable Generac generators start immediately with the pull of a cord, so no installation is required. They can be easily moved for powering job sites or outdoor events.

However, you’ll have to manually refuel and plug in appliances each time. Popular portable options at Home Depot include the GP3500 inverter model perfect for camping and the GP8000E providing up to 8,000 watts for backup power.

For a hands-free backup system, Home Depot has a full selection of Generac home standby generators permanently wired to your home’s electrical panel. When the power goes out, they automatically turn on within seconds to restore electricity to your entire house. No more dragging cords through the dark!

I chose the Generac Guardian 16kW after consulting with a Home Depot pro to handle my home’s 4 ton A/C unit and other large appliances. The peace of mind of whole home coverage is worth the higher cost in my opinion.

Generac’s Innovative Inverter Technology

One type of Generac that really impressed me was the inverter generators now carried at Home Depot. They produce cleaner “digital” electricity that’s safe for sensitive electronics like TVs and computers. By dynamically matching power output to demand, they run quieter and more fuel efficient as well.

I use my Generac GP3500i inverter model when tailgating, camping or on sites with no power access. It’s quiet enough for the campground and siphon gasoline so slowly I can run all weekend on one small tank. While more expensive than conventional generators, I found the inverter technology perfect for play and smaller backup needs.

Accessories to Enhance Your Generac Generator

One thing I appreciated was all the helpful accessories available at Home Depot to enhance my Generac Guardian purchase. I added a weather protective enclosure to safeguard the unit outside my home. The salesman recommended getting an extended warranty plan for peace of mind.

I also picked up extra long extension cords and power strip to easily connect appliances indoors from the outdoor generator. And metal cable lock to secure the generator from theft when not running. For portables, handy accessories like wheels kits and storage covers can add convenience. Take time to explore all the accessory options to get the most from your Generac generator.

Get Expert Guidance at Home Depot

With its wide selection, Home Depot was the perfect one-stop shop for my generator needs. The sales personnel were knowledgeable about helping select the right Generac generator based on my power requirements. They also schooled me on technical considerations like key start, load management and routine maintenance.

I was able to schedule professional installation of my standby generator to have peace of mind the system was properly connected and ready to auto-start when needed. For DIYers, free in-store clinics are offered periodically to learn how to install and maintain your new generator. I found the Home Depot staff indispensable for making sure my generator decision went smoothly.

Convenient Professional Installation

One major perk of buying from Home Depot was having generator installation available right on site. For permanently mounted standby systems, professional installation is almost mandatory. The salesman set me up with one of their certified installers to handle permitting, electrical connections and concrete mounting pad for my Generac Guardian.

This ensured a safe, reliable installation meeting local codes. Home Depot also offers assistance delivering and installing portable generators when needed. Installation provides true turnkey generator readiness that’s worth the reasonable price compared to headaches of DIY for complex standby systems.

Financing Made My Generac Generator Affordable

Even at reasonable prices, paying cash for a whole house Generac generator simply wasn’t in my budget. Luckily Home Depot offered excellent financing options to make my generator purchase affordable. I was approved for 12 months no interest financing right in store.

This allowed me to get the backup protection I needed now while paying over time. An unexpected emergency room visit had recently tapped my savings, so financing was a lifesaver to spread costs. Just ask at checkout about financing to turn your Generac generator dream into reality even on a tight budget.

Research Reviews to Pick the Best Generac

The internet is an invaluable resource for researching real customer reviews before purchasing major items like generators. At, I was able to read detailed Generac generator reviews from verified owners highlighting pros, cons and actual reliability. This provided helpful insight that models like the GP8000E and Guardian 16kW consistently received high marks.

Checking reviews gives the confidence you’re choosing a proven model before spending significant money. I could also see real runtimes and fuel consumption numbers from actual customers to better estimate operating costs. Don’t decide on a generator until checking reviews to pick the best Generac generator for your needs and budget.

Built to Last Through Any Emergency

All the Generators , today’s Generac generators are engineered to withstand tough conditions when you need them most. Their commercial grade engines endure extreme temperatures, voltage spikes and overload conditions that would cripple cheaper competitors.

Weatherproof enclosures, thick steel cages and durable components ensure Generac generators can power through storms, floods and blizzards when electricity fails. I’ve been through two lengthy power outages since installing my Generac Guardian and it performed flawlessly despite blistering 95°F summer heat and energy surges when the grid crashed. Invest in a Generac for backup durability you can rely on.

More Energy Efficient Generac Models

With rising energy costs, I appreciate that Generac has focused on improving efficiency in recent generator models. Advances like inverter technology, economy mode throttle and specialized LP/NG engines cut fuel consumption allowing longer runtimes from a full tank or cylinder.

Many new Generac generators like the GP8000E also have CO Sensor to automatically adjust engine speed based on load. This reduces wear, noise and fuel waste when idling. While buying a generator for emergency use, I’m glad Generac generators go easy on my budget…and the environment.

Quieter Home Backup from Generac

My first cheap portable generator was so obnoxiously loud it made me dread ever turning it on. I insisted my new Generac Guardian standby generator had to be relatively peaceful to live with. Generac has invested heavily in noise reduction methods like sound attenuation enclosures and vibration isolators to make generators quieter.

Models with inverter technology like the GP3600i are almost whisper quiet. At just 59 decibels, it’s quieter than a normal conversation according to specs. Even my heavy-duty Guardian only produces 66 decibels, so I hardly notice it running even at night. Always compare noise ratings if wanting a gentler generator for home use.

Eco-Friendly Generac Generators

Increasingly Generac is focusing on environmentally-friendly technologies to reduce emissions and fuel use in their generators. Small inverter models like the GP2200i have earned “ECO-Throttle” distinction for superb efficiency meeting strict EPA standards. Many larger models utilize catalytic converters and specialized engine tuning to cut total greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural gas or liquid propane fueled generators are also greener options much cleaner than gasoline. I opted for a propane-fueled Guardian generator to do my small part for the environment in my home backup power. Generac proves you don’t have to sacrifice eco-responsibility for reliable home electricity.

Professional Maintenance Available

While today’s generators are pretty hassle-free, periodic maintenance is required for longevity and best performance. Fortunately my local Home Depot offers Generac generator service plans to keep my unit maintained. Their comprehensive plan covers parts, labor and full tune-ups by certified technicians who really know Generac hardware inside and out.

The small annual fee for bi-annual maintenance is cheaper than a single major repair bill down the road. During visits techs check fluids, belts, filters and perform software updates as needed. You simply can’t beat having specialized service available right where you bought your generator. Definitely consider the maintenance plan to maximize years of trouble-free operation.

Return Policy Offers Peace of Mind

With big ticket appliance purchases, you always want assurance you can return the item if it proves defective or just not right for your application. No worries with Home Depot’s excellent 90 day return policy which applied even for my bulky, custom-ordered Generac unit.

Knowing I could easily return the generator for a full refund within 3 months took the stress out of spending so much. Thankfully my Generac Guardian has performed flawlessly powering my home. But mistakes happen, so a great return policy is essential just in case.

Delivery Right to My Door

Among Home Depot’s conveniences is fast, affordable generator delivery to the location of my choosing. Waiting weeks for a manufacturer to ship a unit direct and lacking flexibility for residential drop-off would have been headaches I’m glad I avoided.

For a very reasonable charge, Home Depot instead delivered my heavy 220 lb. Generac generator directly to my doorstep within 48 hours of ordering. No dragging from the store or paying extra fees. I was able to track my delivery status online for an easy, seamless experience. Delivery options make buying bulky generators there a breeze.

Exactly the Right Generator to Power My Life

After much research and hands-on help from Home Depot staff, I’m thoroughly satisfied with my Generac Guardian standby generator chosen to specifically match my family’s needs. It effortlessly powers our entire house allowing comfortable weathering of outages.

I don’t have to worry about losing food in the fridge or missing sporting events on TV. Best of all, the generator automatically runs unattended freeing us to focus on more important matters when bad storms hit. Thanks to the outstanding product selection and guidance at Home Depot, we found the perfect Generac generator to power our life.

Your Path to Generator Success

I hope sharing my recent experience purchasing and installing a Generac Guardian generator was helpful as you start your own generator search journey. Key steps I recommend are determining your power needs, reading reviews of rated models, consulting Home Depot experts and not being afraid to ask questions.

Home Depot has all the quality Generac generators, accessories and professional services to ensuregenerator success and peace of mind for your family or business when emergencies strike. Let my experience help guide you to quickly finding the ideal Generac generator solution to meet your needs and budget. Stay safe and power on!

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