Navigating Home Depot’s Opening Hours this Easter Weekend

Figuring out if your local store is open can be a maze – here’s what you need to know

Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start tackling all those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off during the long winter months. But before you head out to Home Depot with your shopping list in hand, it’s important to know exactly what their hours will be on Easter weekend. With opening times varying by location, it can get confusing to keep track of when you can walk through those automatic doors to orange paradise.

As your helpful neighborhood blogger, I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Consider this your guide to navigating Home Depot’s Easter hours, no matter which store location you frequent. Keep reading to find out when your local Home Depot will be open for business from Good Friday through Easter Monday.

Good Friday Hours – Closed for the Holiday

Let’s start with Good Friday, which is the Friday before Easter and is a national holiday in the United States. All Home Depot locations will be closed on Good Friday, giving their employees a day off to observe the religious holiday. So if you’re hoping to get a jump start on projects that weekend, you’ll have to wait until Saturday.

Don’t despair if you realized at the last minute that you needed an important item for your Easter preparations – there are always the following options:

  • Order online for delivery or curbside pickup before close of business on Thursday
  • Head to one of Home Depot’s competitors like Lowe’s, which is planning to remain open on Good Friday
  • Put your project on hold until Saturday morning

While closed for in-person shopping on the holiday, you can still access Home Depot’s website and mobile apps to virtually browse, order, and schedule deliveries. The customer service team will even be taking calls and answering questions. So utilize those digital tools on Good Friday to plan your shopping list for the rest of the weekend.

Easter Sunday Hours – Most Locations are Closed

After picking up your DIY supplies on Saturday, you might plan to spend Easter Sunday handling projects around the home. But before heading out to Home Depot for any last-minute needs, double check their holiday hours.

The vast majority of Home Depot locations will be closed on Easter Sunday, as it is one of the major holidays they observe every year. However, there are always a few exceptions based on local store management decisions.

To confirm your specific store’s status on Easter Sunday, I recommend taking the following steps:

  • Check the store locator on Home Depot’s website and plug in your zip code – this will display updated holiday hours for your nearby locations
  • Call your local store directly and speak to an employee about their Easter plans
  • Set a reminder to check back closer to the holiday weekend, as hours are sometimes adjusted

If your store is closed for Easter, your only option will be to finish those home projects with whatever you were able to purchase ahead of time. Make sure you’re fully stocked on Saturday!

Easter Monday Hours – Regular Hours Resume

Thankfully, any Home Depot closures on Easter Sunday won’t impact their hours for Easter Monday.

All locations will resume normal operating hours on Easter Monday. This makes it a great opportunity to stop by if you realized you were missing anything for your home improvement tasks after the Sunday closures.

You can expect the stores to be open during their usual hours – generally opening between 6-7am and closing between 9-10pm. Check online or call your local store to confirm their specific Easter Monday hours.

Some key tips for shopping Home Depot on Easter Monday:

  • Arrive early to beat the crowds if you expect a busy store
  • Order online for delivery or curbside pickup to skip going inside
  • Be aware that special holiday sales and promotions will be over
  • Bring your receipts for any returns or exchanges from before Easter
  • Ask for help loading large items at the service desk if needed

As long as nothing catastrophic happens on Easter Sunday that requires an urgent Home Depot run, Easter Monday should be a smooth opportunity for grabbing anything you still need for your home projects.

Planning Ahead is Key for Easter Weekend Hours

When a major holiday like Easter falls on a weekend, it can present some unique challenges for home improvement shopping at stores like Home Depot. With closures on Good Friday and often Easter Sunday, the best approach is planning ahead.

Make sure you take note of when your local Home Depot is slated to be closed for Easter observations. Map out when you’ll do your shopping for supplies accordingly, whether that’s earlier in the week or on the Saturday between the holidays.

If you need guidance on store hours or want to save yourself a trip, consider ordering online for delivery instead. And for any last-minute needs on Easter Monday, arrive early before the crowds.

With some advance planning, you can ensure you’ve got all the Home Depot supplies necessary for amazing Easter weekend projects, regardless of their holiday hours. The only thing left is to decide which DIY tasks to take on first – and to stock up on eggs and candy of course!

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