My Spooky Spectral Pup: Finding the Perfect Ghost Golden Retriever at Home Depot

Scouring the aisles for a hauntingly adorable Halloween decoration

As soon as October rolls around, I go all out decorating my house for Halloween. Skeletons, cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns – you name it, I display it. But there was always one decoration I felt was missing: a ghostly golden retriever, my favorite breed of dog. I just had to track one down this year to complete my hauntingly perfect Halloween setup.

Naturally, Home Depot was my first stop in the hunt for the perfect ghostly golden to guard my home. I headed there optimistic that among the aisles of Halloween horrors, I’d find the specter of the dog I was looking for.

As I entered the seasonal section, I was immediately impressed by the variety of ghostly decor on display. Lifelike zombie props lurched down from the shelves, strings of creepy cloth bats fluttered overhead, and an entire aisle was devoted to skeletal spirits and shrieking specters. But no ghostly goldens.

I found a helpful store assistant named Stan and inquired, “Excuse me, I’m searching your frighteningly fabulous selection for a ghost golden retriever decoration. Do you carry anything like that?”

“A ghost retriever, eh?” Stan replied. “We have ghost cats, dogs, birds, pretty much any animal you can imagine. Let me show you what we’ve got.”

We headed two aisles over to where an entire section boasted ghost animal decorations. Unfortunately, Stan confirmed they didn’t have any dogs matching my spectral specifications in stock. But he assured me that their online selection was far more expansive.

After speaking with Stan, I headed home to scour the Home Depot website for my ethereal ebony-furred friend. I was thrilled to find a whole page dedicated to ghostly animal décor. And there, floating at the top, was exactly what I was looking for: a 5-foot tall Ghost Golden Retriever!

The decoration was priced at $299 – a little steep, but worth it for a focal piece this ideal for my outdoor display. With express online shipping, I could have it on my porch in just two days. I added it to my cart faster than you can say “ghost dog”!

While I awaited the arrival of my ghostly golden, I checked out the customer reviews on the Home Depot site. I was pleased to see it had a 5-star rating, with many satisfied customers praising the high-quality materials and lifelike appearance. One even wrote that it was “so creepily realistic that it scared the mailman!” That sealed the deal for me.

When the box arrived, I excitedly opened it up and got to work setting up my new decoration. The instructions were easy to follow, and in no time at all, I had a 60-inch tall ghostly golden retriever standing in my front yard. It was made of sturdy polyresin, with stunning realism in every hand-painted detail. LED lights inside its translucent form made it glow an eerie bluish hue. I was thrilled with my purchase!

With my phantom pup now on duty, I finished placing little ghostly squirrels in the trees, a deceased deer trio on the lawn, and a chilling raven perched by the front door. Finally, my outdoor Halloween décor was complete.

That night, families strolling the neighborhood kept commenting on how much they loved my “ghost dog”. A few people even crossed the street to avoid walking past it! I was one proud mama of my creepy canine.

When October 31st finally arrived, I could barely contain my excitement waiting for trick-or-treaters. I had a feeling my new ghost golden retriever would be a neighborhood sensation. And I was right! Almost every group that came to get candy wanted to stop and pose for photos with it.

One tiny trick-or-treater dressed as a pirate even gave it a big hug. Guess my ghost dog wasn’t so scary after all! Though one dad joked that my decoration nearly made him leap right out of his skin when he first turned the corner. Mission accomplished!

Now that Halloween is over, I’ve received so many requests from neighbors to keep my phantom pup in the yard year-round. And I just might, since he brought so much preternatural joy to our street. That ghost golden retriever was the absolute perfect addition to make my outdoor Halloween décor hauntingly complete.

Though Home Depot didn’t have him in stores, I’m so glad I could order this spectacular spirit online. The quality and realism exceeded my hopes. Plus, I know anytime I need to expand my horrifying decor, I can count on Home Depot’s monster selection to have just the right ghoulish touches.

I may not have been able to take home a real golden retriever from the store (though fellow dog-lovers, that would be a dream!). But I found the next best thing with my ghostly companion. He’s my new pride and joy who will now happily stand watch over Halloween after Halloween. Though let’s just hope he doesn’t scare the mailman away for good!

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