My Experience With Bermuda Grass From Home Depot

Choosing the Right Grass for My Lawn Makeover

I’ve been wanting to overhaul my lawn for quite some time. The grass I currently have is a hodgepodge of different types and in pretty bad shape overall. There are patches of weeds, bald spots, and the color is dull. It’s just not a lawn I’m proud of!

I decided this year I would finally tackle this lawn makeover project. I knew I wanted a grass type that is thick and lush and a beautiful dark green color. I also needed something that can tolerate my hot, humid climate and still thrive with minimal maintenance. Bermuda grass seemed to fit the bill!

Now I just had to decide – where should I purchase the Bermuda grass for my lawn? I wanted the convenience of everything in one place at an affordable price. Home Depot came to mind as the perfect option! In this post, I’ll share my experience shopping for, purchasing and installing Bermuda grass from Home Depot for my lawn makeover.

Shopping the Bermuda Grass Selection at Home Depot

I headed to my local Home Depot and was impressed by the wide selection of Bermuda grass products they carry. They have different varieties of seeds, sprigs, sod and plugs. The prices were very reasonable too.

Some key things I learned:

  • Home Depot offers several Bermuda grass seed varieties including Princess, Blackjack, Sahara and more. I went with the Princess Bermuda seed since it is known for its fine leaf texture, rich green color and drought tolerance.
  • For an instant lawn, Home Depot sells Bermuda grass sod by the piece or pallet. I saw Tifway 419 Bermuda and TifTuf Bermuda sod which are hybrid Bermudas known for improved density and durability.
  • Plug trays and sprigs are available for a more budget-friendly option. These take longer to establish but fill in over time.
  • Prices ranged from $30 for a 5-pound bag of Bermuda grass seed up to $350 for a 450 sq ft pallet of sod. Plug trays were around $15. Definitely options in every budget!

I decided the Princess Bermuda grass seed would work best for my needs and budget. Now it was time to get my lawn prepped!

Preparing My Lawn for Planting the Bermuda Grass

Planting grass seed requires more prep work than sod or plugs. I needed to get my soil into good shape first so the Bermuda seeds can thrive.

Here were the steps I took to prep my lawn:

  • mowed the existing grass down to about 1-2 inches to remove any dead growth and allow the sun to reach the soil.
  • Next, I core aerated using an aerator I rented from Home Depot. This helped break up compacted areas to improve drainage and seed contact.
  • I also verticut the lawn which removes thatch buildup that can prevent seeds from rooting well.
  • Any large bare spots I covered with a thin layer of topsoil also purchased from Home Depot.
  • A couple days before seeding, I applied a starter fertilizer to supply key nutrients for establishing grass.
  • Right before planting, I raked the soil to create grooves for the seeds to nestle into.
  • I timed my seeding for late spring when daytime temps are 65-90°F. Cool season grasses should be avoided until fall.

My lawn was now prepped and ready for my Bermuda grass seeds!

Planting and Caring for My Bermuda Grass from Home Depot

It was time to plant! I carefully spread the Princess Bermuda grass seed using a drop spreader, aiming for about 10 seeds per square inch. This ensured good coverage.

I gently raked again to cover the seeds with about 1⁄4 inch of soil. Then I rolled the area with a lawn roller to press down the seed bed.

Caring for newly planted grass seed involves keeping things consistently moist. Here’s how I’ll be caring for my new Bermuda lawn:

  • I’m watering 3-4 times daily for the first 2-3 weeks, providing about 1⁄4 – 1⁄2 inch of water per session. This keeps seeds from drying out.
  • Once sprouted, I’ll begin to dial back watering to about 1 inch total per week, split between 2-3 sessions. Deep watering is key!
  • I already applied starter fertilizer but will follow-up with more fertilizer applications every 6-8 weeks this first year. Slow release nitrogen works great for newly seeded lawns.
  • I plan to mow the new grass once it reaches 3-4 inches tall. Bermuda should be cut to 1-2 inches ideally. Proper mowing will encourage thickness.
  • As needed, I’ll address any weeds with targeted sprays safe for Bermuda grass. Pre-emergence weed control is also helpful. Home Depot carries a lot of effective options.
  • I’m prepared to spot treat any disease or insect issues that pop up. Bermuda can develop fungi like dollar spot. Home Depot has fungicides and insecticides designed for lawns.

I can already see some green sprouts popping up a week after planting! I’m looking forward to seeing how my new Home Depot Bermuda grass fills in.

The Verdict: How My Bermuda Grass Turned Out

It’s been about two months since I planted the Princess Bermuda grass seed from Home Depot. I am so thrilled with the results so far! Here’s an update:

  • The grass has filled in nicely and formed a lush, dense lawn across the areas I seeded. The deep green color is really beautiful.
  • Bermuda’s rapid growth rate helped it establish quickly. I mowed twice already which also encourages thicker growth.
  • The heat and drought tolerance has been great. My lawn stays green even in 90+ degree weather with less water needed.
  • I haven’t had to deal with too many weeds or pests thanks to proper seed prep and care. Just occasional spots of clover I easily sprayed.
  • My neighbors keep commenting on how much thicker and greener my grass looks compared to before! The improvement is obvious.
  • I’m so glad I went with Bermuda for its ideal performance in my southern climate. It was clearly the right choice.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the Bermuda grass from Home Depot and how it has transformed my previously sad, patchy lawn into a lush green oasis! It was 100% worth the investment and I’d highly recommend Home Depot as a trusted source for Bermuda seed or sod.

Final Tips for Purchasing Bermuda Grass at Home Depot

If you’re considering Home Depot for Bermuda grass, here are some final tips:

  • Shop early – popular varieties can sell out quickly in peak season
  • Inspect sod pieces or plug trays carefully for quality
  • Have your soil tested to ID amendments needed for optimal growth
  • Be ready to water frequently as Bermuda establishes
  • Follow seeding or sodding with an application of starter fertilizer
  • Invest in an aerator and verticut machine for rentals if seeding
  • Time seeding or sod install for periods of warmer temps
  • Be patient! It can take a full season for Bermuda grass to fully fill in
  • Stick to a consistent mowing, watering and fertilizing schedule

With the right prep and care, Bermuda grass from Home Depot can transform your lawn into a lush, green oasis. I’m so pleased with my results and can’t wait to enjoy my beautiful new lawn this summer!

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