Finding the Perfect Lantern to Brighten Up Your Home at Home Depot

Searching for a new lantern to add some stylish ambiance to your home? With such a wide variety available, it can be tough to choose the perfect one to suit your needs. Luckily, Home Depot offers an incredible selection of indoor and outdoor lanterns in different styles, sizes, and lighting options to fit any space.

As someone who recently spent hours browsing the lantern selection at my local Home Depot, I want to share my first-hand experience to help guide you in finding your perfect lantern match! Here’s an in-depth look at what types of lanterns are available and things to consider as you shop this bright lighting option.

A Stunning Array of Lantern Styles and Sizes

One thing that impressed me right off the bat is the diverse range of lantern designs and sizes at Home Depot. From modern to rustic, small accent lighting to large statement pieces, you’re sure to discover a style that speaks to you.

Some top lantern categories I came across include:

  • Pendant lanterns – These hanging lanterns come in gorgeous drum or chimney shapes, often with elegant metal detailing. Perfect to hang above a kitchen table or island.
  • Outdoor post lanterns – Constructed of durable materials, these lanterns mount to a post to illuminate pathways, patios, or doorsteps. The Arroyo Craftsman post lantern caught my eye with its trendy black finish.
  • Candle chandeliers – For a showstopping look, candle chandelier lanterns feature multiple candle covers in shimmering finishes like antique bronze or rubbed oil. The Metropolitan chandelier at Home Depot is breathtaking.
  • Miner lanterns – These iconic wire lanterns with metal bail handles have an old-fashioned farmhouse vibe. Use miner lanterns to line an outdoor walkway.
  • Railroad lanterns – Inspired by vintage train signal lights, these fun lanterns have a red metal body and sturdy wire handle. I pictured railroad lanterns flanking a front door or gate.
  • Gas lanterns – For bright, lasting light outdoors, gas lanterns are an eye-catching option. Browse stylish gas lanterns by brands like Bond Manufacturing or Bevolo.

With so many options, think about the look you want before visiting the store. Do you prefer vintage appeal or modern simplicity? Are you looking for an indoor accent piece or outdoor lighting workhorse? This will help narrow your search.

Lantern Sizes From Small to Grand

Lanterns also come in a wide range of sizes, from compact 9-inch accent lanterns to towering 25-inch statement designs. Consider where and how you want the lantern to be used before choosing the size.

For a dining room chandelier, measure above your table and get the appropriately sized pendant lantern. Outdoor lanterns should be proportional to the space – don’t get too small of a lantern for a vast hallway or too huge of a design for a tiny patio table.

I liked that Home Depot has each lantern dimensions clearly listed so you can gauge if it will fit the intended area. Use a tape measure to map out the size you need if unsure.

Bigger is not always better – sometimes a smaller lantern can provide a cozier feel. But for significant illumination, larger lanterns can cast more light. There’s a perfect lantern size just waiting for your space at Home Depot if you do a bit of planning beforehand.

Light the Way with LED Lanterns

Get ready to light up your home brighter than ever thanks to the LED lantern selection at Home Depot. I was thrilled to see shelves stocked with lanterns featuring energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs.

LED lanterns give off a clean, inviting glow, save on electricity costs, and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They generate almost no heat as well, making LEDs safe for fabric lamp shades or enclosed fixtures.

From dainty battery-operated LED candles to 3,000-lumen gas lanterns, Home Depot has the LED lantern design for you. I especially liked the Chesapeake Bay Chamberlain LED Pendant light. Its antique bronze frame and frosted glass paired with LED brightness gives a timeless-meets-modern look.

Make the switch to affordable, durable LEDs with Home Depot lanterns this season. Your home and energy bill will thank you!

Shop Every Budget with Home Depot Lantern Prices

If you’re wondering what the lantern prices are like at Home Depot, I discovered options ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. Basic plastic lanterns start at just $12, while gorgeous custom gas lanterns can cost upwards of $300.

Here are some typical Home Depot lantern price ranges I found in my shopping:

  • Mini plastic battery-powered lanterns – $12 to $25
  • Indoor plug-in paper lanterns – $15 to $35
  • Small to medium hanging lanterns – $25 to $60
  • Large speciality pendant lanterns – $75 to $150
  • Extra-large decorative candle chandeliers – $150 to $300
  • Custom gas lanterns – $200 to $400

You can really customize your spend based on size, materials, lighting type, and overall quality. The Costway Tiffany hanging dragonfly lantern charmed me at just $38, while I drooled over the gorgeous $260 Metropolitan Tuscan candle chandelier too.

Home Depot truly has lanterns to brighten up any budget. Take time to weigh your lighting needs versus cost to get the best value. With a bit of shopping, you’re sure to find the perfect reasonably-priced lantern to call your own.

Light Up the Night with Solar-Powered Lanterns

If you want illumination without electrical wiring, solar-powered lanterns are the way to go. Home Depot carries solar lanterns designed to soak up sunshine during the day and turn on automatically at night. This makes them ideal for pathway markers, porch accents, or yard decor.

I found the Sunforce Solar Motion Light particularly clever. Its built-in solar panel charges a battery so it glows at night, but it also detects motion and increases brightness when visitors approach.

Other top solar picks include the Sunbeam LED glass solar lantern or attractive Dodge solar pagoda lantern. Position these wherever you want ambient lighting without installing new wires or outlets.

Solar lanterns are an easy way to add beauty and visibility to your yard. At Home Depot, you’ll find durable solar lanterns to gracefully light the night for years to come. Get ready to entertain outdoors into the wee hours thanks to off-grid solar power!

Make Your Patio Pop with Outdoor Lanterns

Want to create an inviting outdoor living space? Check out Home Depot’s expansive selection of outdoor lanterns designed to stand up to the elements.

From small porch sconces to large hanging Edison bulbs, outdoor lanterns add eye-catching ambiance to your patio, balcony, or yard. I especially loved the Hampton Bay LED oil-rubbed bronze lanterns, which have an elegant aged finish.

Make sure any outdoor lantern you choose is rated for exterior use and is a wet location rated fixture. This ensures it won’t short circuit in rainy weather. Also look for lanterns made of durable materials like metal, copper, or solid wood.

Plus, outdoor lanterns should feature plastic, acrylic, or shatter-resistant glass. Regular glass shades can break in extreme weather. Opt for LED bulbs to withstand humidity and give long-lasting light as well.

Properly installed waterproof, weather-resistant outdoor lanterns will become a gorgeous focal point for years to come. So bring atmospheric lighting outside by choosing outdoor-rated lanterns and accessories designed to last at Home Depot.

Discover Indoor Lanterns for Cozy Decoration

While I focused a lot on durable outdoor lighting, Home Depot also has a fabulous selection of indoor lanterns to elevate your home decor.

Accent lanterns make wonderful additions to coffee tables, console tables, or mantels. Look for pretty glass-enclosed candle lanterns or adjustable battery-operated lights. I loved the amber glass and metal Dominica lantern for only $60.

For dining rooms, foyers, or hallways, browse large pendant or chandelier lanterns. The versatile Hampton Bay Czarist pendant caught my attention with its reversible dark bronze and brass finishes.

Don’t forget wall sconces and mounted lanterns to flank beds, reading nooks, or staircase landings. Or pick a tabletop lantern for portable mood lighting during intimate dinners or family game nights.

With an indoor lantern glowing bright, any space in your home can feel cozier and more welcoming. Home Depot truly offers lanterns fit for everyday use or special occasions.

Energy Efficiency with Home Depot Lanterns

Another great thing about Home Depot’s lanterns is most models are energy efficient, so you can light up your home or patio beautifully without racking up big electricity bills.

Many Home Depot lanterns now use LED bulbs, which consume around 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer. LEDs also give off less heat, making lantern fixtures safer.

Outdoor solar lanterns get powered entirely through the sun, so you’ll have zero electrical costs enjoying their glow at night. And indoor battery-operated lanterns let you save on energy and installation costs versus wired fixtures.

Even large pendant lanterns and gas lanterns have grown more efficient over the years. Look for ENERGY STAR rated lantern fixtures to be sure you’re getting an energy-wise option. With the right lantern choice, you can Brighten your space affordably and sustainably.

Make Portability a Priority with Battery Lanterns

If you want lighting flexibility without complicated setup, battery-operated lanterns are the way to go. Home Depot stocks handy battery lanterns that let you illuminate any space in a snap.

Small lanterns with LED flame bulbs are perfect for centerpieces, holiday displays, or camping. Or choose battery-powered hanging lanterns to display around a temporary event or to pack for outdoor excursions.

I also love the versatile utility of collapsible handheld lanterns. The LE Rechargeable LED lantern can provide up to 8 hours of light per charge. Keep it in the car for emergencies or tote it along on a power outage.

Battery-operated lanterns require no messy wires, switches, or outlet access. Look for long-lasting LEDs and rechargeable batteries for convenience. Light up anywhere with the flexibility of these portable powerhouses!

Browse the Latest Lantern Designs and Tech

In addition to classic lantern styles, Home Depot also has the latest lantern innovations and technology available. I discovered so many cool, modern options during my shopping trip.

For ultimate customization, check out color-changing LED lanterns like the Hampton Bay Marmion. Use the included remote to shift its glass shade between warm white, blue, green, red, and more.

Timer and dimmer functions give you precise lighting control. And motion sensor lanterns save energy by automatically turning on when you enter the room and powering off when you leave.

Outdoor lanterns now even integrate with smart home devices. Control WiFi-enabled lanterns with voice assistants or apps on your phone. The future is definitely here in Home Depot’s lantern section!

While old-world lantern shapes offer timeless beauty, don’t be afraid to bring a touch of innovation into your space too. The latest lantern tech can provide convenience and customization perfect for contemporary homes.

Quick DIY Installation Tips for Outdoor Lanterns

Are you considering installing a new outdoor lantern yourself to illuminate your yard? With a few simple tools and safety precautions, it can be a do-it-yourself project even for novices. Here are my top tips:

Start by reading the installation manual and checking that you have the right hardware and light bulbs. Lay out all pieces and tools needed like screwdrivers, wire cutters, ladder, etc.

Make sure the power is shut off at the circuit breaker before doing any wiring work. Use safety gloves and eye protection when making electrical connections.

Carefully measure and mark where you will mount the new lantern fixture. Use anchors suitable for the wall material like concrete, wood, stucco, etc. Drill pilot holes if needed.

Connect the lantern wires to the existing outlet wires – white to white and black to black. Ground the green wire. Secure connections with wire nuts and electrical tape.

Mount the lantern base to the outlet box or directly on the wall. Make sure no wires are pinched. Insert bulbs, test for proper lighting function.

Finish by weatherproofing all connections with silicone caulk. Restore power and test the lantern using its built-in switch. Then enjoy the gorgeous glow!

With the right Home Depot lantern choice and safe installation, you can DIY beautiful, lasting outdoor lighting. Just take your time and you’ll be illuminating your yard in no time.

Seek Out Smart Lantern Features at Home Depot

If you love controlling devices from your smartphone, look for Home Depot lanterns that integrate tech-savvy smart features. Many now offer conveniences like voice activation, scheduling, and remote access.

Smart lanterns pair with your WiFi and popular assistants like Alexa and Google Home. The Globe Electric Bluetooth Speaker Lantern can play music and be voice controlled from across the room.

Use your Home Depot app to turn lanterns on and off from anywhere or create custom lighting schedules. Some lanterns even sync with security systems to make your home look occupied.

Smart lanterns also give usage insights and have sensors to auto-adjust brightness. Plus, controlling them with phone apps or home assistants is just plain cool!

Embrace next-gen lighting with Home Depot’s selection of app-connected, voice-activated lanterns. They make illuminating your space a breeze while adding high-tech style.

Lantern Warranties Provide Peace of Mind

Making a significant lighting investment? Rest assured, Home Depot lanterns come with warranties ranging from one year to lifetime coverage.

Many accent lanterns under $50 have a one-year limited warranty. Mid-range lanterns from $75-150 typically have three-year warranties. And most high-end designs over $200 offer at least five years of protection.

Outdoor gas lanterns often come with lifetime warranties since their materials must endure the elements. Be sure to register your lantern purchase to take advantage of any warranty perks like replacement parts.

Check coverage details like whether the warranty includes hardware, finish, glass, or electric components. With Home Depot’s lantern quality commitment, your purchase will shine for years backed by a strong warranty.

Love Your Lantern or Return It Easily

Speaking of guarantees, one of my favorite Home Depot policies is the flexible return window for lighting purchases. This gives you ample time to ensure your lantern meets expectations.

For any reason at all, you can return indoor lantern styles for a full refund or replacement up to 90 days following purchase. Outdoor lanterns have a 180 day return period – super handy if you want to test through all seasons.

If your lantern arrives damaged, doesn’t function properly right away, or simply isn’t the style you hoped for, take it back to your local store. The hassle-free returns make it easy to find the perfect fit.

Between the warranties and return policy, you can shop Home Depot lanterns with confidence. Take them home risk-free and see how they enhance your space before fully committing.

Lantern Reviews Spotlight Top Picks

Unsure which of the hundreds of lanterns is right for you? Read through Home Depot customer reviews for guidance from fellow shoppers.

Sort lanterns by 4-5 star ratings and read the reviews for why people loved them. I found the outdoor-rated Besa Lighting Darby lantern had rave reviews for its European inspired style and easy installation.

You can also search reviews for keywords like “lightweight” or “energy efficient” to see real customer experiences with those features. Reviews can warn about any quality issues to avoid as well.

Don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it. Let Home Depot reviews be your lantern shopping cheat sheet highlighting the most recommended, top performing options. They definitely helped narrow my choices down to find the perfect fit.

Shop Exclusive Home Depot Brands for Quality

In addition to name brand lanterns, Home Depot’s exclusive lighting brands offer exceptional style and value. Check out highly-rated designs from Hampton Bay, Commercial Electric, and Home Decorators Collection.

I especially liked the Commercial Electric Matte White Ribbed Glass lantern. For less than $65, its colonial-inspired metal frame and glass panels give an elegant look that feels far pricier.

Simpli Home lanterns also combine trendy shapes like geometric terrariums or hammered metal finishes at affordable prices. And Home Decorators Collection has gorgeous handcrafted outdoor lanterns made to impress.

Don’t pass up Home Depot’s lineup of unique in-house lanterns. They live up to every bit of quality and sophistication as the designer brands but fit nicely within a DIY budget.

Prepare Your Home with Emergency Lanterns

During storm season or power outages, lanterns go from decorative to essential. Be sure you’re stocked with reliable emergency lanterns from Home Depot.

Focus on LED battery or solar-powered lanterns that function without outlets. I like the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 for off-grid flexibility – it has a hand crank and built-in solar panel.

Waterproof and shatterproof lanterns are important for unpredictable weather conditions. And carrying handles allow you to illuminate rooms as needed or use outside.

Keep extra batteries and fuel on hand for extended outages. When shopping for emergency use, prioritize durability and longevity. Let lanterns from Home Depot be the lifeline that keeps your home glowing through storms or blackouts.

Shop Online and Pick Up In-Store for Convenience

If browsing lanterns digitally sounds easier than navigating a crowded Home Depot aisle, you’re in luck. You can order lanterns online through their website or app and then pick up at your local store.

Home Depot’s user-friendly website makes it easy to filter and compare lanterns by style, price, finish, size, and features. Ordering online ensures you get the specific lantern you want.

After checkout, you’ll select your preferred store for convenient drive-up pickup, often within just a few hours. You may even get a confirmation email when your online order is ready.

The flexible pickup option allows you to hand select replacement bulbs, accessories, or installation supplies once at the store. So illuminate your space with the perfect lantern delivered straight to your Home Depot.

Deck Out Your Lantern with Handy Accessories

The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve picked the perfect lantern base. Home Depot offers tons of accessories to deck out your lantern in style.

Play with colored light bulbs like flame-shaped flickering LEDs or smart bulbs with customizable shades. Add crystal prisms or cascading bead garlands for a sparkling effect.

Lantern posts and hooks give you display flexibility indoors and out. Extra battery packs ensure portable lanterns stay glowing for longer. Pick pretty glass globes or chimneys to enhance pendant lanterns.

With the right additions, you can customize your lantern for any occasion or completely change up its look each season. Embellish away with Home Depot’s endless lantern accouterments!

Catch Hot Lantern Sales and Deals

One final budget-friendly tip – keep an eye out for Home Depot deals and promotions on lanterns. They often discount lighting for holidays, season changes, and special sales events.

Sign up for Home Depot’s email list so seasonal coupons and lantern deals get sent right to your inbox. I recently got 20% off one decorative accessory, which included many lanterns.

Clearance or open box lantern discounts can save you big as well. And bundle deals around big lighting holidays like Labor Day offer increased savings.

So don’t pay full price if you don’t have to! With regular lantern promos and sales at Home Depot, you can score the perfect fixture while sticking to your budget.

Well, that wraps up my thoughts and tips for choosing beautiful, functional lanterns from Home Depot’s unmatched selection. Hopefully this overview gives you confidence to shop smart and find just the right lantern style to make your home shine.

Let their vast lighting aisles light the way to your dream lantern. Then get ready to enjoy a glowing ambiance and style upgrade with your new lantern proudly on display. Happy illuminating!

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