Finding the Perfect Chimney Chase Cover for Your Home at Home Depot

How to Measure, Shop, and Install a Custom-Fit Metal Chase Cover for Your Chimney

As a homeowner, ensuring your chimney remains in good working order is an essential part of both fire safety and protecting your investment. However, a chimney without a proper chase cover can leave your home vulnerable to all kinds of weather damage and debris buildup that can lead to costly repairs down the road. That’s why choosing the right custom-fitted chimney chase cover for your home’s unique needs is so important.

At Home Depot, you can find a wide selection of durable and long-lasting metal chase covers to perfectly suit your chimney size and shape. With options in galvanized steel, aluminum, and other rust-resistant metals, getting an exact fit for your chimney chase has never been easier. But before visiting your local Home Depot or placing an order online, it helps to understand the available sizes, how to properly measure, installation tips, and other factors that go into purchasing the ideal chase cover.

In this first-hand guide, we’ll walk through the entire process step-by-step – from measuring your chimney, to finding the best style and fit, to securely installing your new chimney chase cover purchased from Home Depot. We’ll also look at tips on choosing the right materials, pricing, custom sizing, and other frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Measuring Your Existing Chimney Chase

The most important step when shopping for a ready-made chimney chase cover is taking accurate measurements of the existing chase you need to cover. Home Depot stocks chase covers in many common dimensions, so getting the right fit depends on precision during this measuring step.

You’ll need to measure both the length and width of your chimney chase in inches. The length is measured from the top of the chase to the roofline where it meets the Chase. The width is the measurement of the side of the chase. You may find it easiest to measure from corner to corner on the narrowest points, then from corner to corner on the widest points. This will account for any variance in rectangular or square shapes.

Be sure to measure both the interior chase and the exterior facade for the most accurate sizing. You’ll need both sets of dimensions to find the right fit. Use a steel tape measure for the most precise measurements vs estimating by eye or with a cloth tape measure. Record all your measurements to have handy when shopping.

It’s also wise to snap a few photos of your chimney chase from all angles. That gives you a visual reference to compare to available covers when browsing options. If you plan to order online, the photos are handy for customer service when asking questions or requesting a custom size.

Step 2: Browse Home Depot’s Selection of Chase Cover Sizes and Styles

Now that you’ve carefully measured, it’s time to start your search for the perfect chimney chase cover. At Home Depot, you’ll find a range of standard sizes from leading brands, along with materials and style options to suit your needs:

Common Standard Sizes:

  • 16 x 16 inches up to 36 x 36 inches
  • For larger sizes, covers up to 48 x 48 inches
  • Select models go up to 60 x 60 inch coverage


  • Galvanized Steel – Most economical option, galvanized coating resists rust
  • Stainless Steel – More expensive but longest lasting, will not rust or corrode
  • Aluminum – Lightweight and rust-proof, may dent more easily than steel
  • Copper – Beautiful finish but higher cost, ideal for historic homes


  • Flat Top – Simple clean lines, most affordable
  • Decorative Peaked Top – Matches shape of pitched rooflines
  • Custom Curved/Angled – Made to order for unique chimney shapes

Take your time browsing the available ready-made sizes and styles. There are also some customization options through Home Depot that we’ll discuss next. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf model with adequate coverage, don’t worry – we have some solutions coming up!

Step 3: Order a Custom Cover or Modify an Existing Option

For chimneys outside the common size range, Home Depot does offer custom-sized chase covers through their Special Order program. There are a couple great ways to get the perfect custom fit:

Custom Sizing:

  • Enter your exact measurements when ordering for a made-to-fit cover
  • Extended lead times of 2-4 weeks
  • Offered in select metal materials up to 5 feet coverage

Resize onsite:

  • Order the next largest size cover
  • Use sheet metal snips to trim down onsite for an exact fit
  • Best for smaller chimney chases and simpler installations

When going the custom-order route, be sure to triple check your measurements before submitting the order. Home Depot does not accept returns for custom-sized chase covers. Professional installation is also strongly recommended to get a perfect fit with onsite modifications.

If you need a more complex design, there are also local sheet metal fabrication shops that can create a fully customized chase cover to your requirements. This is a good option for very large or unusually shaped chases.

Step 4: Calculate the Total Project Cost

Once you’ve selected the right chimney chase cover for your project, it’s time to budget for the total investment. Prices for chase covers at Home Depot can range from $50 up to $500 or more depending on:

  • Size – Larger covers will cost more than smaller
  • Materials – Steel is most affordable, copper most premium
  • Special Order – Custom sizing has added fees
  • Style – Simple flat top vs decorative peaked covers

You’ll also need to account for:

  • Delivery fees – If required for large/heavy covers
  • Rental fees – For equipment like a lift for roof access
  • Installation services – If you need professional assistance
  • Misc. supplies – Additional hardware, seals, connectors

Create a complete budget to avoid any surprise costs down the road. And don’t forget to look for available rebates through Home Depot on energy efficient chase covers or HVAC upgrades.

Step 5: Prepare for Safe and Secure Installation

Once your new chimney chase cover arrives from Home Depot, it’s time to switch gears to installation. With all chimney repairs, safety should be your top priority. Use caution and smart planning to avoid injury when working on ladders, lifts, or your roof.

Here are some tips to prep for smooth installation:

  • Ensure clear roof access via a ladder or lift rental as needed
  • Have helpers available for lifting and stabilization
  • Gather necessary tools – drill, screwdriver, tin snips, safety equipment, etc.
  • Check the weather – avoid windy or wet conditions
  • Follow all included safety and installation instructions
  • Watch for overhead power lines, branches, or other obstructions

Don’t take risks if the installation looks beyond your skill level. Hiring professional installers experienced with chimney repairs ensures safety and proper setup.

Step 6: Install New Chase Cover According to Instructions

Once your prep work is complete, it’s time for the satisfying step of finally installing your new chimney chase cover. Home Depot carries chimney products from top brands like Selkirk, Empire, and Triple-S, meaning you can count on detailed instructions and cooperative customer service if any questions pop up.

Here is an overview of standard installation:

  • Carefully measure the clearance and position of the existing chase cover. Reference your earlier measurements and photos.
  • Remove old chase cover if present.
  • Thoroughly clean the top of the chase with a wire brush. Remove any rust or debris.
  • Place the new chase cover centered atop the chase opening.
  • Attach securely using provided screws drilled into the chimney bricks/mortar. Use all attachment points.
  • Seal all edges with exterior caulk or silicone sealant. Check for gaps.
  • Test stability by lightly pulling up on edges. It should not lift off the chase surface when properly installed.

Once finished, be sure to check for a tight seal and stability across the entire chimney chase cover surface. Visually inspect from the ground and via ladder. Avoid climbing directly on the cover if possible.

If your project feels overwhelming, save yourself the headache and call in a pro. Many Home Depot locations even offer professional installation services at reasonable rates for chimney repairs like chase covers.

Step 7: Maintain and Enjoy Your New Chase Cover for Years to Come

Once properly installed, your chase cover from Home Depot should provide many years of durable and rust-free protection. But it’s wise to be proactive with occasional maintenance:

  • Inspect visually from the ground twice per year – spring and fall. Look for any sagging, gaps, or damage.
  • Have a professional inspect and seal any problem areas. Avoid climbing on the roof yourself.
  • Test stability by lightly pulling up on edges when safe to reach. If it lifts, attachment points likely need repair.
  • Check flashing seals around the edges, reapplying exterior sealant if any looks compromised or cracked.
  • Remove debris with a chimney sweep to prevent buildup.
  • Contact the manufacturer if you have any concerns about product defects during the warranty period.

With periodic inspection and care, your chase cover will continue protecting your chimney and home for decades before needing replacement. Be sure to store your purchase paperwork in case it’s ever needed for warranty claims.

Finding the Right Fit – My Tips for Purchasing a Chimney Chase Cover at Home Depot

After detailing the full process from start to finish, I wanted to recap my top tips for finding the perfect custom chimney chase cover solution for your home’s needs:

Carefully measure – Use a steel tape for precision. Measure interior and exterior dimensions. Snap photos!

Browse all options – Note styles and material choices like decorative peaks or copper accents for historic homes.

Consider custom – For odd sizes or shapes, custom covers may be your best pick.

Budget completely – Account for all expected costs including delivery, installation, etc.

Focus on safety – Take precautions and don’t take risks during installation.

Inspect annually – Check for damage and re-seal to prevent leaks over time.

Ask the experts – Home Depot staff and manufacturer customer service can answer questions.

With the right chimney chase cover from Home Depot specifically sized and customized for your needs, you can check chimney maintenance off your home improvement task list. No more worrying about weather damage or critters causing expensive repairs. Just sit back and enjoy a cozy, safe fireplace for years to come!

So head down to your local Home Depot or browse online to start your chase cover search today. With the helpful tips above and Home Depot’s wide selection of ready-made and customizable options, finding the perfect fit for your chimney has never been easier. Here’s to staying warm and stylish with a protected, properly fitted chimney chase cover this season!

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