Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon? Getting the Best Deal on Your Purchase

Understanding Home Depot’s Price Match Policy for the Online Retail Giant

I absolutely love finding a good deal. My heart races when I discover I can get an item I want at a lower price somewhere else. As an avid Amazon shopper, I tend to find some killer deals there that are hard to beat. So when a big box store like Home Depot advertises they will price match Amazon, my inner bargain hunter starts doing a happy dance. But in the hunt for the best price, it’s key to understand exactly how Home Depot’s price match policy works for Amazon purchases.

As a DIYer, Home Depot is my go-to for major appliances, tools, lawn care items and home improvement supplies. But I’d heard rumors they offer price matching with Amazon. Could this be true? Was it really possible to get Home Depot to match those rock-bottom Amazon prices? I decided to dig in and uncover the truth about Home Depot’s price match promise versus Amazon pricing.

After pouring over Home Depot’s price match policy details, scanning Amazon product listings, and chatting with employees, I discovered the answer. Yes, Home Depot does price match with Amazon within certain parameters. However, it’s not always a straight price swap. Here’s what I found out about how to take advantage of this policy and get Amazon deals from your local Home Depot.

Requesting a Home Depot Price Match with Amazon

The first thing I learned is you must request the price match in-store at Home Depot. There is no option to submit a price match request online after purchase. To get Home Depot to match an Amazon price, you need to bring proof of the lower Amazon price to the attention of a store employee.

The best way I’ve found is to open the Amazon app on your phone and navigate to the listing you want matched. Show this to the Home Depot customer service desk, and request they honor their price match guarantee. Make sure the Amazon price is clear and that your screen shows it is shipped and sold directly by Amazon to meet the price match criteria.

You can also print out the Amazon page and bring the paper listing in-store. Staff can then verify the details and initiate the price match process for the identical item. Some Home Depot stores may even be willing to do the verification if you just provide the name and ASIN number of the Amazon product you want matched. But screenshots or printouts ensure there is no confusion.

Timing Matters

One key caveat I uncovered in the fine print is that price match requests must be made within 30 days of your original Home Depot purchase. So you can’t dig up months-old Amazon pricing and expect Home Depot to retroactively discount an item. You need to act fast if you spot a cheaper Amazon price on something you just bought at Home Depot. This 30-day window is your opportunity to get a price match adjustment and save some cash.

Amazon Products Eligible for Home Depot Price Matching

Understanding exactly which Amazon products qualify for a price match is also important. Home Depot’s policy covers all merchandise sold directly by Amazon. This includes goods fulfilled by Amazon that are listed as “Ships from and sold by” Third-party sellers on Amazon are not eligible for price matching.

Matching Prime Exclusive Deals

Here’s a cool tip: Items that are discounted for Prime members still qualify. For example, if you have a Prime subscription, you might see a certain product priced at $75 but a higher $100 price displays for non-members. As long as you show your Amazon Prime discounted price from the app on your own account, Home Depot should match that $75 price. Even though it’s an Amazon Prime exclusive deal, it falls within their price match policy if shipped and sold directly by Amazon.

Refurbished, used or open-box items sold through Amazon Warehouse deals are excluded and cannot be price matched. But new items discounted on Amazon directly can qualify. This includes Amazon daily deals, coupons and promotions as long as they reduce the price and the item is shipped and sold by Amazon.

Verifying Amazon Prices for Home Depot Price Matching

To approve a price match against Amazon, Home Depot has a couple methods they may use to verify pricing. I’ve seen employees pull up the product on an Amazon app on a store iPad or computer. They check to confirm the details match the product model number and description you are requesting a match for.

Some Home Depot stores also have an internal system they can use to check queued Amazon pricing. So if you provide the ASIN or even just a product name, they seem able to internally look up the current Amazon selling price.

The key is that the product needs to be an identical match and currently in stock and sold directly by Amazon. If there is any discrepancy or the item is unavailable on Amazon, they may not be able to verify the price match. So do your homework and make sure the product, features, color etc. are an exact match between retailers.

Getting Additional Discounts

I’ve also discovered you can sometimes combine Home Depot’s price match with additional store promotions to maximize savings. For example, if Home Depot is running a 10% off appliance sale, and you find the fridge you want cheaper on Amazon, you may be able to get both discounts. It never hurts to politely ask!

The same goes for using Home Depot coupons on a price matched purchase. However, you likely cannot stack multiple price matches. Typically one competitor’s price match is permitted per item. But getting that Amazon deal along with any eligible Home Depot coupons or sales can score you the absolute lowest price.

Exceptions and Restrictions to Be Aware Of

While Home Depot advertises they will match Amazon pricing, there are a handful of exceptions outlined in the fine print:

  • Black Friday and holiday sales events – Amazon deals during peak sale times like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are excluded. Home Depot does not price match their biggest sale days.
  • Shipping and installation costs – Amazon prices that include free shipping or installation as part of the product price cannot be matched by Home Depot. They will only match the actual retail cost of the item itself.
  • Special financing offers – Any buy now pay later financing offers from Amazon are not included in a Home Depot price match. They will only match the retail price.
  • Pricing errors – If Amazon has clearly mispriced an item far below value, Home Depot will not match an incorrect cost. But minor sale pricing is typically fine.
  • Fees and taxes – Things like hazardous waste fees or taxes charged on certain Home Depot items but not by Amazon are not included in price matching. These costs cannot be matched.

Clearance or liquidation pricing and limited quantity deals are also generally excluded from Home Depot’s price match policy. But most everyday Amazon pricing on identical new products that are shipped and sold directly by Amazon should qualify.

Price Matching Tips and Questions

Here are some additional tips and common questions I encountered when trying to take advantage of Home Depot’s Amazon price match guarantee:

  • Price match before any taxes and fees are added to your Home Depot purchase for maximum savings. You can’t match an Amazon price after the fact.
  • Check Amazon prices right in the store on your phone if you think they may be lower before making a purchase from Home Depot.
  • Best success comes from price matching an identical product that is in stock and sold directly by Amazon – not a third party.
  • Keep your Amazon price match requests reasonable and for identical new items. Don’t try to take advantage with pricing errors or clearance items.
  • You can request a price match on multiple qualifying items in one transaction, no unreasonable quantity limits.
  • If your Amazon price match request is denied, politely ask for a manager to review the price match policy. But accept their final decision.
  • Make sure to present your proof of Amazon’s pricing within 30 days and to store staff at customer service for the best experience.
  • Remember you need to go in-store to get a Home Depot price match – this guarantee is not extended through online customer service after purchase.

Armed with the right information, you can feel confident requesting Home Depot to honor their Amazon price match guarantee on eligible identical products you find for less. Just make sure to read all the fine print, bring clear proof of Amazon’s pricing, and act fast within 30 days. Get that price match pleasantly requested before any taxes and fees are added to maximize your savings.

Those rock-bottom Amazon prices coupled with Home Depot promotions can score you amazing deals. Now get out there, do your Amazon and Home Depot price research, and start saving with price matching! Happy bargain hunting!

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