Bringing Spooky Style to Your Yard with the Home Depot Skeleton Light Kit

Halloween is right around the corner, and for those of us who love decorating for the spookiest time of year, now is the moment to start planning out how to transform your home into a haunted destination. As someone who goes all-out for Halloween, one of my favorite parts of decorating is finding fun, unique lighting displays to set the mood. If you’re looking to add some creepy illumination to your yard, one easy way to do it is with a skeleton light kit from Home Depot. I recently picked one up to try out and have been so impressed with it that I had to share all the details with you!

What Comes in the Box

The Home Depot skeleton light kit includes everything you need to create an eerie graveyard scene outside your home. Inside the box, you’ll find a posable 5-ft tall skeleton along with a strand of 20 clear incandescent lights.

The skeleton itself is made of durable plastic that can flex into different positions. It comes with metal stakes on the feet so you can secure it into the ground. The arms and hands are jointed and wired, allowing you to bend them upwards or outwards for a more animated look. And the head can tilt in different directions too.

For the lighting, there are 20 glowing miniature bulb lights along a 16-ft cord. Each bulb has about 4 watts of power. The strand connects to a standard plug with an inline switch to easily turn them on and off.

One cool design feature is that the back of the skeleton has clips so you can neatly attach the light strand to the spine. This helps illuminate the skeleton for a really eye-catching effect.

Installing the Skeleton and Lights

Putting together this outdoor decoration is quick and simple. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Choose your location. Pick a spot in your yard where you want to display the skeleton. Make sure it’s near an outdoor electrical outlet.
  2. Stake down the skeleton. Use a mallet or hammer to insert the metal stakes on the skeleton’s feet into the ground. Push them in as far as possible for stability.
  3. Position the skeleton. Bend the joints on the arms, hands, head and other body parts into a pose you like. Have it reaching upwards, hanging sideways, crouching down – get creative!
  4. Attach the lights. Starting at the top of the skeleton’s head, clip the light strand into the clips on the back of the skeleton. Work your way down, weaving the cord neatly down the back.
  5. Plug in the lights. Once everything is in position, insert the light strand’s plug into your outdoor outlet. Switch them on to see the glowing effect!

That’s really all there is to it. In less than 30 minutes, you can have this ominous skeleton set up and ready to frighten your trick-or-treaters!

Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Halloween Decor

An awesome thing about this Home Depot skeleton light kit is that it works great both inside your home or outside in your yard.

If you want to use it indoors, you can skip the stakes and position the standing skeleton in a corner, hallway, or dark room. The flexible joints make it easy to pose it peeking around the edge of a doorway or reaching out from a shadowy nook. Pair it with some faux cobwebs for an extra creepy look!

For outdoor display, the stakes securely keep the skeleton upright in your lawn or garden. Place it along a pathway or synergize it with other graveyard elements like tombstones and creepy cloth. The glowing lights will be visible from the street, drawing attention to your house.

No matter where you put it, this skeleton decoration makes a scary-cool statement.

Budget-Friendly Price for Spooky Decor

Halloween props and decorations can put a dent in your wallet, but this skeleton light kit is very affordable. At Home Depot, the price is usually around $40. Considering you get a sizable standing skeleton plus 20 lights, that’s a great value.

The quality is decent for the low cost. The materials feel sturdy, not flimsy or easily broken. With care, this kit should last through many Halloweens. If any lights burn out, replacement bulbs are cheap and easy to find.

For budget-savvy Halloween lovers, this is a wonderful way to decorate with creepy style on a limited holiday decor budget. The dramatic effect you get truly transcends the price.

**Customize Your Skeleton with Creative Posability **

Posable skeletons have become a major Halloween trend in recent years. People love positioning them in lively, humorous ways. This particular model from Home Depot has so many adjustable joints that the possibilities are endless!

Though it comes standing upright, you can bend the arms, hands, hips, neck and head to strike dramatic poses. Have it looking sideways, gesturing wildly, crouching down – whatever you envision to delight and spook your audience!

Mix up the positioning over time so it seems animated. Or coordinate it with other figures and props to tell a story. Add some tattered clothing for more character. Let your creativity run wild!

The wired flexibility empowers you to personalize your skeleton exactly how you want. Your yard haunt will stand out with your unique skeleton’s personality shining through.

Energy Efficient Illumination

When looking for outdoor lighting, power efficiency is always top of mind. This skeleton light kit uses classic incandescent mini lights that add cheerful ambiance without consuming too much energy.

Each 4-watt bulb produces a nice glow while using minimal electricity. For the 20 bulbs combined, the total wattage is about 80 watts. To put that in perspective, a single older incandescent porch light can use 100 watts or more. So this entire display consumes less energy than what one outdated bulb would.

The smaller wattage bulbs also run cooler, which helps avoid weather-related issues. And the plastic casing around each bulb diffuses the light nicely without harsh glare.

Overall, this strand is energy efficient, affordable to operate, and designed to handle outdoor elements. Your electric bill will thank you!

Replacements Available for Broken Bulbs

With any light strand, it’s expected that a few bulbs may eventually burn out. Thankfully, the lights included with this Home Depot skeleton kit are standard mini incandescent bulbs that are easy to find replacements for.

If a few happen to go dark, you can pick up a pack of replacement bulbs at any hardware store for just a few dollars. Make sure to get 4-watt mini incandescents. Just unscrew the bad bulb and screw in a new one – good as new!

Home Depot also sells replacement bulbs specifically for this skeleton kit, either in stores or on their website. It’s convenient to be able to get the right lights from the original retailer.

So if you run into any issues down the road, don’t worry – you’ll be able to revive your skeleton’s glow quickly and affordably.

Dimensions for Planning Your Display

When organizing your outdoor Halloween decoration, it helps to know the exact dimensions of this skeleton kit so you can plan out placement. Here are the key measurements:

  • Skeleton height: 5 feet
  • Skeleton width (shoulder to shoulder): 14 inches
  • Light strand length: 16 feet
  • Distance between each bulb: 8 inches

Knowing the skeleton’s five foot height lets you position it appropriately next to other decor pieces, like flanking smaller tombstones. And the 16-foot light strand gives you flexibility on winding it across your yard.

Check how much space you have to work with and use these specs to map out the perfect spot for your skeleton to rise up in all its spooky glory!

Spot-On Spooky Ambiance

The reviews for this Home Depot skeleton lighting kit are shining brightly – most customers are positively thrilled with it! They say it adds fabulous Halloween atmosphere and works wonderfully displayed outside.

Many describe the skeleton as high quality and realistically detailed for a plastic model. The posable joints make it easy to get just the right bone-chilling pose. And people find the long-lasting clear lights to have the perfect spooky vibe.

Some do warn the stakes can be tricky to insert into hard ground, so having a hammer/mallet handy is recommended. But overall, this prop scores super high marks for quality and performance. It delivers on an easy, affordable way to decorate with creepy panache!

Troubleshooting Tips

Like any electrical decoration, you might occasionally run into some technical hiccups with this skeleton kit. Here are some troubleshooting tips if issues pop up:

  • If the lights won’t turn on, check that the cord is securely plugged into the outlet. Try switching outlets or testing the outlet with another device to make sure power is flowing properly.
  • For bulbs that have gone dark, unscrew them and replace with new mini incandescent bulbs of the same 4-watt size. Test the other bulbs to see if they still light up.
  • If bulbs are flickering or super dim, the voltage may be weak. Try a different outlet or extension cord to give them steady, robust power.
  • For bulb wires that have detached from their base, carefully twist the wires back into place and secure with electrical tape.
  • If the skeleton is unstable, additional stakes can be purchased to reinforce it. Use a rubber mallet to hammer stakes in firmly.

With some simple maintenance and outlet adjustments, your yard haunt centerpiece will be up and running again in all its illuminated glory.

Pick One Up at Your Local Store

The great news is you can grab this skeleton lighting kit right off the shelf at your neighborhood Home Depot store – no special ordering required!

They keep them well stocked in the Seasonal and Holiday Decor sections. Around late summer to early fall is when they’ll first display the Halloween merchandise. Once you see the skeleton kits appear, grab one before they sell out!

Home Depot also offers online ordering with free delivery to your local store for convenience. Browse the options at and have your spooky decor shipped to pick up at your preferred location.

With many stores across the country, you’re likely to find a Home Depot nearby with skeleton kits ready for the taking. Drive over and haul one home for a fang-tastic Halloween!

Mix and Match with Other Light Sets

A creative way to expand your display is to combine this Home Depot skeleton kit with other light strands. Mixing multiple sets together builds an impressive illuminated graveyard that will catch everyone’s eye.

You can blend in strings of flickering flame lights, creepy crawling bugs, or orange and purple bulbs. Look for light sets that create an eerie atmosphere.

Attach them along the ground, fences, trees, and additional structures to surround the standing skeleton. Use extension cords as needed to connect multiple plugs.

Layering complementary lights creates a cohesive haunting look. Your skeleton will pop even more dramatically amongst colorful illumination.

Backed by Manufacturer Warranty

When buying any electronic decoration, having an assurance of quality takes away some of the risk. That’s why it’s comforting to know Home Depot’s skeleton lighting kit comes backed by a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

If any defects arise during that first year of ownership, you can contact the manufacturer directly about replacement parts or repair. Issues like faulty wiring, broken skeleton limbs, or malfunctioning lights would potentially be covered.

Just be sure to keep your original receipt. Registering your product online is also wise to ensure you can take advantage of the warranty if need be.

While most customers report fantastic success with this skeleton kit, the warranty provides extra satisfaction and protection in case you happen to get a lemon.

Designed with Safety in Mind

When installing lighting and electrical decorations yourself, safety should always come first. The good news is this skeleton kit seems thoughtfully designed to minimize hazards:

  • The plastic skeleton and cord clips don’t conduct electricity and help avoid exposed wires.
  • The low-wattage bulbs don’t get dangerously hot like older bulbs can.
  • The lit skeleton is meant for outdoor ground placement, away from flammable materials.
  • The wiring and plug do not feel cheaply made or prone to deterioration.
  • The cord has fuse protection in case of power surges.

As long as you use common sense – don’t overload outlets, properly position away from structures, inspect periodically for damage – this kit appears quite safe for Halloween fun. Just take the same precautions you would with any outdoor lights.

Illuminate Your Halloween for Years to Come

A frequent concern with Halloween props is how long they actually last when exposed to weather and yard haunt activities. But for this Home Depot skeleton kit, durability doesn’t seem to be an issue.

The incandescent lights are rated to provide up to 3,000 hours of illumination. For temporary Halloween use, that means they should last for many years before needing replacement.

The plastic skeleton and cord clips are also built to withstand seasonal wear. As long as the unit is reasonably protected in storage during the off-season, customers report getting 5+ years of use before any deterioration.

For the price, this skeleton lighting kit provides long-lasting performance. Your investment will pay off for Halloween after spooky Halloween in your own yard of horrors!

Remote Control Options

While this basic skeleton kit from Home Depot comes with simple plug-in operation, you can upgrade it to add remote control capabilities for even more versatility.

Remote control sets are available that allow you to wirelessly turn the lights on and off and even dim them from up to 20 feet away. No more rushing outside each time you want to adjust the lights!

Simply connect the remote receiver to the end of the light strand. Insert batteries in the remote and you’ll have convenient fingertip control to instantly trigger your skeleton’s creepy illumination.

Kits start around $25 and can be found at Home Depot or online retailers. Easily take your display to the next level with remote controlled convenience!

Creative Display Ideas to Get You Started

Looking for ways to showcase your new skeleton in all its illuminated glory? Here are some creative display ideas to spark your Halloween inspiration:

  • Pose it as a spooky gravedigger shoveling up dirt in a flowerbed or dirt pile
  • Place it inside a large birdcage or jail cell with ripped creepy cloth “walls”
  • Surround it with corn stalks or hay bales to create an eerie pumpkin patch scene
  • Perch it on a balcony, ladder, or ladderback chair for some height
  • Have it peeking out from behind a tombstone or boarded up “wall”
  • Add creepy props like bones, chains, bouquets of dead flowers, coffins, and otherworldly signs
  • Juxtapose it with bright pumpkins, flowers, or Halloween lights for visual contrast

The possibilities are endless! Craft a scene that fits your personality and home aesthetic for maximum impact.

Professional Installation Offered

For those who may not feel up to tackling the setup yourself, Home Depot does offer professional holiday lighting installation services in most locations.

After purchasing your skeleton kit, add on installation and a Home Depot expert will handle placing the stakes, positioning the skeleton, running the lights neatly along the body, and plugging everything in securely. They’ll make sure it’s ready to wow right out of the box.

Rates vary but expect to pay around $150 for a 5-ft skeleton lighting installation. Larger or more complex displays cost more. This takes the work and hassle out of it so you can simply enjoy the finished product!

Contact your local store’s installation department to schedule this add-on service when buying your animated skeleton and spooky lighting set.

Score This Spine-Chilling Set On Sale

The standard price of $40 for this Home Depot skeleton lighting kit is already a bargain for such an impactful Halloween prop. But you may be able to save even more money by looking out for sales and promotions.

Around the Halloween shopping season, Home Depot typically discounts select spooky decor pieces. This skeleton set often goes on sale for $10-20 off during this time.

You can also find it bundled with other outdoor Halloween lights and props as part of discounted package deals. Buy more and save more.

And don’t forget to check for any available coupons that could provide additional savings at checkout. Sites like RetailMeNot have Home Depot promo codes you can try using.

With the right sale or coupon, you could snag major savings on this must-have centerpiece of Halloween yard art.

Worry-Free Returns Just in Case

Hopefully you’ll have nothing but happy times with your animated skeleton lighting up your Halloween. But if for some reason it doesn’t work out as you hoped once you get it home, Home Depot does allow returns and refunds on seasonal decor.

If the lights arrive broken or the skeleton is damaged, or if you simply change your mind, you can bring it back for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. You’ll need to provide the receipt and original packaging.

Exchanging it for a new skeleton kit is another option if you just received a defective one. This takes the stress out of commitment just in case the product disappoints.

Fortunately, most customers seem extremely thrilled with this prop! But returns are possible which offers reassurance.

The Bottom Line

For an easy way to immediately level up your Halloween yard décor, this posable skeleton kit complete with eerie lights is just the ticket. The quality and value are tough to beat. With a bit of creativity, you’re guaranteed to delight and spook.

Let your spine tingle imagining this creepy new addition greeting trick-or-treaters on All Hallow’s Eve! Whether displayed on its own or incorporated into a larger scene, it’s sure to become a new favorite tradition. So grab one of these skeletons while you can and let the Halloween magic begin!

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